Bandeau Bikinis

Bandeau bikinis are totally “hip” this upcoming season! We’ll try to take you through the do’s and don’ts for finding the most stylish models! We’ll also give you some tips on great online stores that we know are trustworthy and that sell high class, quality clothing.

Many people are of the opinion that bandeaus are the most classy of all bikini styles and it’s the ideal piece of swimwear for many women. With their discreet tops are very popular amongst celebrities and others of fame and fortune. There are an almost infinite number of various tops and we all look good in different ones. We’ll try to take you through which style will make YOU look gorgeous this upcoming season! Everyone has their own special requirements when it comes to bandeaus depending on what chest size you are or what your needs are.

What are they?
A banduea bikini is characterized by having a relativly simple design that follows the contour and shape of the body while having something of a “band” shape. It’s often strapless. The actual bandeau always reffers to the top of the bikini and not the whole set.

Who looks good in them?
Unfortunatly, not everyone looks good wearing one of these. If you have a large bossom for example, it normally doesn’t offer the same amount of support as it’s bigger sisters, the tube top or the halter top. If you have a medium sized bossom I would suggest you go for a bandeau with a center strap, for some added support. If you have a flat chest on the other hand, it’s definitly a great choice for you and you can get a way with any style on your bandeau! This is also a great garment if you want to emphasise your neck and your sholders.
Straight with Center Strap
An example of a very stylish bandeau with a center strap.

Straight Bandeau
A gorgeous straight top

Which bottom to go with?
To really emphasize your bandeau and make it stand out, a great tip is to pair a discreetly colored bottom with a bright color top! In general, I would suggest choosing a bottom with a lot of coverage to match the top. You would do well staying away from tiny bikini bottoms like thongs and g-strings. On the other hand, you never, ever want to hide your backside underneath too much fabric so something in between is the way to go!
Bikini Bottom
A medium coverage bikini bottom perfect for a bandeau

What size?
The “perfect fit” is a very individual thing but try to find a fit that doesn’t make the bandaue dig into your skin too tightly (allthough the fit should be snug) and at the same time stays firmly in its place. Make sure it stays put also when moving around.

Bandeau Classic Sizes


Cup Size AA A A/B B/C
Bikini Size XXS XS S M
Size sheet for a straight/classic bandeau
Bandeau with Center Strap Sizes


Cup Size AA A A/B B/C
Bikini Size XXS XS S M
Size sheet for a bandeau with center strap

What color?
Color, if anything, is a matter of personal taste and so very individual, but to give you some pointers… Try to find a color that brings out the color of your skin or matches our hair. If you have pale skin and dark hair for example, perhaps you should go with a deep blue or green. If you have bronze skin and blonde hair something in a yellowish tone would be more appealing. Be sure to check out our bandeau bikinis gallery for some great tips on colors.